What Is The Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org? – Semalt Gives The Answer

If you are planning to develop a website, you must choose the WordPress platform to get it built. According to an estimate, WordPress powers over thirty percent of the internet and is one of the most famous platforms. It offers plenty of themes, features, options, and things to choose from. But before you opt for WordPress, you must be familiar with the difference of wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Julia Vashneva, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, has noted that even though the difference is minor, you should have an idea of what to choose and how to build a site in a better way.

Concepts and Goals

WordPress is the name that needs no introduction. This piece of tool powers plenty of websites on a large number of servers on the internet. Instead of direct uploading of files to the servers for creating websites, you can use WordPress for creating backend files and get them published in a better way. For this, you would have to create, manage and edit all of the web pages and create quality content, blog posts, and upload plenty of images. Wordpress is a sort of content management system of web development jargons. This open source system has provided its users with lots of options and features to choose from. The tool, known as WordPress.org, is where you can quickly grab copies of the software and the work you have had done. It is a self-hosted program, and you are not provided the directed domain name. You can create as many websites on this platform as possible without the need of having a domain name and a separate server. Wordpress.com, on the other hand, has been founded by Matt Mullenweg and is the property of Automattic. It is where you can have a separate domain name and can build your own website in a better way. WordPress.com is a professional service, powered by plenty of features. You can publish the content and promote your site once you have paid the fee of a domain and the web hosting company.


Various people research WordPress and look for the ways of setting up free websites, and that's only possible when you have wordpress.org. But if you are using wordpress.com, then you would have to pay a fee both for the domain name and hosting. However, some companies provide their users with the facility of free subdomains even when they using wordpress.com.

WordPress.com is capable of operating on a system of paid version and has plenty of features. If you are looking to build a professional website, the cost per year is something from $19 to $25. You can upgrade your wordpress.org website and get custom designs. A large number of packages are available, and prices vary from one hosting company to another.

Designs and themes

If you have been using a free website on wordpress.org, there are chances that you would have limited access to designs and themes. But if you are using a wordpress.com website, then you can get plenty of designs and themes to choose from. Your website can be built more professionally and amazingly with wordpress.com, and you are offered plenty of designing features as well as website fonts.

Functions and plugins

Just like the designs and themes, you can get plenty of functions and plugins in wordpress.org, while wordpress.com offers far more functions and the plugins are beyond your expectations.

Once you have decided to develop a website, your final step is to look for a reliable hosting company and pay for a wordpress.com website.